VidBlogger Nation launches first social TV network

SimplyNew Studios announced the launch of VidBlogger Nation, the first national social TV network.

The network features self-portraits by hometown tastemakers who share the stories of people, places and things in their city from a first-person perspective. VidBlogger Nation rolls out in 10 key markets.

The VidBlogger Nation programming consists of colorful three-to-five-minute episodes on topics ranging from “Naked Cocktails” (a look at best non-alcoholic bars and happy hours) and “Awesome Wi-Fi” (where to go for the best free wi-fi) to “Haunted Places” (visiting sites supposedly haunted by local spirits) and “Music Mania” (a review of the vidblogger?s favorite music). The vidbloggers create, shoot and edit their pieces in their own unique style and these are available on Comcast On Demand as local and national segments.

“We wanted to create a social t.v. look-and-feel that emanated from the web, with a style that fit the locale of the vidblogger?s world, and enabled them to be natural hosts for stories that were authentic to them,” said Marc Scarpa. “As television moves toward an all-IP universe, the grammar of what we watch on t.v. will have more to do with an emerging, and immersive, web presence. Vidblogger Nation is the first step toward blurring the boundaries between web TV and cable TV”

The VidBlogger Nation roll-out will initially include three full seasons for each market, or 360 episodes in the next 90 days. Both Comcast On Demand Local and SimplyNew Studios will consider further markets after the initial run concludes.