Atlanta anchor misses chair

Via TV Spy, WXIA-TV morning anchor Ted Hall had a bit of a surprise for his co-anchor Karyn Greer — behind-the-scenes video of her missing her chair on the set.

Hall, who was reading a voiceover at the time, paused briefly after Greer fell but managed to read through the rest of the story with only minimal interruption. Greer, who was off camera, appears to be attempting to “re-situate” herself in her chair and briefly stands up and then attempts to sit back down. Instead, the wheeled chair moves backward slightly, causing her to hit the floor. Shortly after that, a crew member can be seen helping Greer back into her chair.

The station aired the video clip, which “no one knew existed” under the appropriately-titled banner “Gotta See This.”

This, meanwhile, is what viewers saw: