CCTV America launches with Stephen Arnold Music sonic brand

As China Central Television America launches, Stephen Arnold Music was drafted to create new themes for much of its original programming.

The Stephen Arnold Music team wrote the music themes for its three flagship shows — “The Heat,” “Americas Now,” and “Biz America.” Stephen Arnold Music has also worked with such cable companies as: CNN, HLN, MSNBC, Fox News, and others.

Broadcasting from a new production center in Washington, DC, CCTVA called upon SAM to create three unique themes that featured a high-end, international feel.

“The CCTVA keywords were ‘visceral,’ ‘emotive,’ and ‘forward-looking,’” said Stephen Arnold, President of Stephen Arnold Music. “Each theme we developed reflects those qualities, while standing on its own as a unique composition.”

For the South America-focused broadcast news magazine “Americas Now,” Stephen Arnold Music’s composers combined flamenco guitar and Latin percussion to set an inspiring tone with a hint of tension. A current affairs talk show “The Heat” theme sears with distorted electric guitars over charging rhythms and electronic elements. The daily global news program “Biz Asia America” is elevated by Stephen Arnold Music’s memorable piano hooks and mid-tempo groove, punctuated with bold rock guitar strikes.

“We appreciated the opportunity to score to picture for CCTVA’s shows,” said Arnold. “The visuals helped us tap into the attitude and power that each piece required.”