Vidpresso aims to make it simple to put Facebook and Twitter on air

Vidpresso has launched a new service for local TV stations wanting more social media on air.

With plans starting at $400 a month, Vidpresso uses off-the-shelf hardware and doesn’t require a long-term agreement. At least two stations are onboard to test the platform, including the Fox affiliate in Sacramento and the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City.

TechCrunch writes, “The software itself really couldn’t be any easier to use: producers simply use the service’s web application to find interesting tweets based on keywords, hashtags etc. and push it onto the screen with just a click or two. That’s about all there is to it.”

The software looks promising but the price point seems a bit steep.

For this technology to show a return on investment for stations the price point will need to come down or ad integration will have to be included. In the demos shown, no ads were appearing on screen and there is little mention of advertising on the Vidpresso site. As more stations adopt Vidpresso the pricing and features are likely to change.

The idea is sound, as many stations already show these comments on air. The question is, is this solution right for the money?