Channel 3 upgrades weather center with Mystic

Channel 3 Hartford approached Mystic with the desire to step up their current look and update their weather area for news casting. Once approached, Mystic decided to do the complete design and fabrication of the studio as an in house design/build project.

Completion of the project resulted in a new back wall with monitors attached for weather information. The background consisted of interspersed pieces of acrylic with translucent vinyl layered in between LED access lighting.

Mystic chose to use the highly controllable white LED lighting, which covers the entire white spectrum and is dimmable and controllable for optimum HD effect.

Perhaps the strongest element in the design included a hand painted cloud mural that runs across the entire top of the set.

The decision to use a scenic technique instead of a graphic on a high definition set was extremely important because it allowed the clouds to come across realistically on television. Originally, the clouds and sky were supposed to be a printed digital graphic however, Mystic having worked on projects like this before knew the benefits of using scenic techniques instead and choose this route.

Mystic hand painted the border to give the mural depth and clarity, something that could not be achieved by a graphic alone. The pigments in the paint are able to hold and reflect light in a way that comes across beautifully on screen, especially in HD.