L.A. forecaster tries to make a point by ‘moving’ Isaac

Los Angeles meteorologist Liz Habib thought it would be interesting to show viewers just how big Hurricane Isaac is.

So, she superimposed the radar imagery of the storm over California, showing how it would stretch almost all the way from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

The map aired on the KTTV-TV, the city’s Fox affiliate, during its 10 p.m. newscast last night.

While Habib’s idea was interesting and arguably a good way to help viewers visualize the size of the storm, the map itself could also be misleading, especially if a viewer just happened to glance at it.

While it’s (hopefully) doubtful anyone would think Hurricane Isaac suddenly jumped nearly 2,000 miles, a quick glance at the map could confuse someone into thinking a storm was hovering over the region.

It’s interesting, as well, that the graphic contains no visual label explaining what it is trying to illustrate. Even a simple “Size of Hurricane Isaac” could have helped clarify her point. Instead, the graphic is labeled as simply “Hurricane Isaac.”