Hearst rolls out ‘Election 2012,’ the app

Hearst Television has launched a new app for the election. “Powered by Commitment,” the app is available now for Android and iPhone users.

The app includes stories, videos, slideshows and electoral college coverage. The app also integrates social media and local election stories from Hearst’s various stations.

“This app should come in handy not only for voters in the 25 Hearst Television news markets, but for any political observer interested in the latest developments in closely contested presidential-election states like Florida, Iowa, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – and in states hosting tight Senate races, like Massachusetts – in all of which states Hearst Television has leading news stations and websites,” said Roger Keating, senior vice president of Hearst Television Inc.

Among the features of the “Election 2012” app:

  • A friendly interface enabling users to browse local election and political coverage – including articles, slideshows, and videos – from a selection of local stations;
  • Local “Voters’ Guides” with information such as deadlines on voter registration, polling locations, candidate biographies, and candidates’ positions on issues;
  • A “count-down clock” to election day;
  • Electoral College map;
  • A featured “photo of the day”;
  •  The ability to upload user-generated content;
  • Facebook integration;
  • Live election-night video, continuous news and commentary updates, and election results.

Each station’s local content is fed to the app using the content management system of Hearst Television partner company Internet Broadcasting.