NY1 to rebrand

Time Warner Cable is said to be readying plans for rebranding its local New York City cable news channel NY1.

As local competition heats up with Verizon’s FiOS offering, Time Warner feels it needs to emphasize the channel is available exclusively on its cable system, the New York Daily News reports.

One name said to be in the hopper is “TWC News,” but execs are still mulling how the NY1 moniker might be kept in the name somehow. Now word on when such an change would go in effect either.

Along with the name change, NY1 and the 20 similar local news channels it operates around the country will also receive an “extensive” on air makeover, including new graphics, music and logos.

The potential name change is said to have staffers fuming — saying it symbolizes corporate conglomerate influence over media.

NY1 was one of the earliest examples of cable providers starting local cable news channels as a way to offer content not available over satellite and encourage subscribers to sign up or stay with their cable packages.

NY1 was also an earlier pioneer of “one man bands” in TV news, where on air talent shoot, edit and report packages.