Philly chopper captures dogs in the act

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Who cares about reading license plates when you can see two dogs going at it?

As you may recall Philadelphia NBC O&O WCAU-TV recently launched “SkyForce 10,” a new state of the art news chopper and excitedly promoted that the helicopter’s on board camera can read a license place from 2,000 feet in the air.

The station was using the chopper to cover an alleged dogfighting ring in its region and the onboard camera, and the camera zoomed in on two dogs — well — shall we say, fighting rather nicely, as you can see in this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live, which featured the incident in its opening segment Wednesday.

The reporter seems a bit flustered by what’s going on and chose to instead point out that the dogs are “chained up.”

But we want to know why she didn’t pull out the telestrator. How else are we supposed to learn about the birds and bees of dog reproduction?