CNN fouls in L3s during Beckham coverage

CNN’s “Newsroom,” covering the news of soccer (European football) player David Beckham’s retirement, managed to mix up what country he plays for, as well as an important fact about his career, reports the Huffington Post.

In the lower third banner shown above, CNN identified Beckham as “just helped France win championship.” Wait. What?

We’re pretty sure that even people who are pretty darn clueless about sports could probably identify Beckham as being British. Heck, it’s pretty much common knowledge he’s married to “Posh Spice” Victoria Adams. Plus, the fact that Britons and the French don’t exactly mesh that well…

But it gets worse…

Later in the same broadcast, that same banner proclaimed that Beckham played for “England, America and France.” Again, not true. Beckham has only ever played for Britain. He’s played IN America and France, sure, but has also played in dozens of other locales as well.

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