CBS News brings back ‘welcome home’ tagline

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CBS News has started airing a promo touting the fact that “more people are turning to CBS News and liking what we do here.”

The promo also works in the network’s “Original Reporting” tagline.

But what perhaps is most interesting is that, the promo ends with the announcer saying: “we’d like to say … ‘welcome home’.”

The “Welcome Home” tagline is perhaps one of the most recognized branding efforts in network television (right up there with “Must See TV”) and draw its roots from the networks’ 1996 “Welcome Home to CBS Night” campaign. In 1997, the tagline was simplified to just “Welcome Home.” In 1999, the network switched to “The Address is CBS” but still included the words “welcome home” in many of those promos (as in “This Address is CBS: Welcome Home”).

That said, the “Welcome Home” tag hasn’t been used consistently in years, with “It’s All Here,” “Only CBS” and “America’s Most Watched Network” coming into favor.

This new promo not only brings back the tagline but also combines it with the “Original Reporting” moniker.

Mixing this well known yet former tagline is an interesting move and could signal more of CBS’s efforts to emphasize the rich history of the network to viewers. The network has implemented similar efforts over the past few years: