Al Jazeera America shows ‘There’s more to it’ in promo spots

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In addition to the “Change the Way You Look at News” slogan, freshly launched cable news network Al Jazeera America is also branding around the tagline “There’s More To It” that’s paired with promos emphasizing that point.

The tagline serves as a recurring theme in a series of promos that incorporate colorized video clips and simple typography for its visuals.

In addition to the normal, rather generic looking sans serif typeface, these promos make use of a serif font that adds a bit of “homespun” feel to the spots.

During the promos, a narrator breaks down elements of a big story, in this example a superstorm, focusing on the people involved with and affected by the story.

After the list, the narrator drives it home by saying “And still, there’s more to it — change the way you look at news” and emphasizing the depth and perspective the network aims to bring to cable news.