NYC station hires planner for newsroom overhaul

Tribune has hired Luckett & Farley’s Media + Entertainment Group to head up the renovation of the New York City newsroom of its CW affiliate WPIX-TV.

The firm will serve as the project’s architect, engineer and interior designer.

The project is expected to be complete in the second half of 2014, with crews working in phases so the facility can still be used during the duration of the construction.

Located on the second floor of Daily News building on East 42nd Street, the space has been the station’s home for 65 years, according to Real Estate Weekly.

The renovated floor will be host to WPIX-TV’s studios, control rooms, newsroom, green rooms, meeting areas, editing and production booths and “the commons,” a centralized space shared by everyone on the floor.

Plans also call for the entire floor to be “camera ready.” No word if WPIX-TV plans to overhaul its set, though, at the very least, it appears the station will be adding plenty of new options for broadcasting venues throughout the floor.

H/T Daniel Kinley