The Vault by Stephen Arnold Music adds new volumes

Stephen Arnold Music’s production music library, The Vault, has added six new volumes from four catalogs. The music covers a wide genre including: urban beats, acoustic pop, cinematic movie trailers, and music for advertising.

The Vault’s music is selected to meet the needs of local stations, networks, corporate content and production companies.

  • The Clio Award-winning, Australia/Singapore-based collective Song Zu specializes in music for advertising. New from their studios is “Action/Drama”, 19 themes worth of trailers and action sequences. These intense cuts are optimal for sports promos, action sequences or movie trailers.
  • Also from Song Zu is “Promos and Commercials”, sporting 25 themes of ad-friendly tracks. Featuring everything from Middle Eastern chill to in-your-face rock, this collection of cues contains multiple hit points and memorable crescendos.
  • The elite UK collection Production Music Online (PMOL) takes a big turn with “Blockbuster.” As the name promises, it’s packed with 16 themes of orchestra ideal for trailers, films, history, fantasy, and adventure.
  • Meanwhile, PMOL indulges the lighter side of sound with “Cute Acoustic Pop.” This volume introduces 12 themes of quirky, acoustic vocal pop songs that promise to lift commercials, as well as fashion and drama-centric content.
  • The Vault builds on its partnership with H2U, a top European collective that excels in electronica, techno, rock and beyond. Their latest release is “Documentary Soundtrack Vol. 2,” 10 themes of emotional soundscapes that feature harp, making them particularly well-suited for documentary underscoring.
  • Finally is “Urban Beats Vol. 8” from Life & Death. This uniquely inspred beatmaker (a.k.a. Tero Jylhä) is coming straight out of Finland to music-for-picture projects worldwide.

The Vault also offers The Stephen Arnold Music Collection, high-end compositions from their custom music division; and The Artist Collection, selected tracks from established hit songwriters like Greg Barnhill, Tom Freund and Diana Krall.

Every track in The Vault’s custom music catalog was either an artist’s original creation, painstakingly written and recorded for commercial release, custom music for a major network, client or ad agency, or has the same high end production value. Multiple edits and mix-outs of virtually every cut are available.

Producers, creative directors, editors and music supervisors experience The Vault via an updated, attractively streamlined user interface. The GUI provides users with fast searching, for quickest-possible access to the tracks they need for their media. Selections stream immediately in high-resolution audio, with all necessary information available at a glance.

In total, The Vault now stands as a collection seven catalogues encompassing 225 volumes, 3400 individual themes, and 9500 tracks. The Vault’s tracks have been used in productions by FOX Television, Bunim/Murray, ESPNU, Fischer Productions, Turner Networks, and ION Television, among others.