Chicago anchor reports burglar ‘over his head’ as OTS goes over hers

“A wannabe burglar got in pretty much over his head…” is how WLS-TV anchor Linda Yu introduced a story — as the story’s OTS went over her head.

Yu was on camera reading a story on a Florida burglar who tried to break into a home through the chimney when the control room inserted an animated OTS over the shot. The camera, however, was centered up on Yu, however, so the OTS ended up hitting her in the head — virtually, of course.

Right about the same time the graphic covers part of her head, Yu smirks a bit, though it’s not clear if she noticed the flub or found the story amusing.

Of course, this kind of slip up is fairly common in TV news, but what’s interesting about this one is what Yu happened to be reading when it happened.

The station, an ABC O&O, introduced new graphics just before November sweeps as part of its re-adoption of the “Eyewitness News” branding.