Lowe’s commercial channels ‘GMA’ set

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We noticed recently that ABC has been airing a promotion for Lowe’s that appears to have been shot on the “Good Morning America” Times Square set.

The commercial, which typically airs right before the Lowe’s sponsored segment on home improvement, shows a production crew (or at least actors pretending to be one) decked out in intercom headsets painting and using a leafblower, hedge trimmers and drill on various parts of what appear to be the “GMA” set.

At various times during the commercial, the show’s title card if visible on the on set monitors as well as some studio cameras and lighting.

While it’s not entirely clear if the commercial was, in fact, shot in the “Good Morning America” studio, it either was or the commercial producers opted to build a darn close replica of it.

The spot appears to have been in use since at least May.

While the home improvement segment the spot promotes is certainly not hard news, this is an interesting crossover of a news program allowing a sponsored message to be shot on its set (or a dead ringer for it).

Also, it’s worth noting that the spot seems to imply that Lowe’s (or at least Lowe’s products) are responsible for the upkeep and perhaps even the construction of the “GMA” studio — though it would be interesting to see how the set designer and fabricator feel about that!