Prepare for the Olympics with a new environment

The 2014 Olympics in Sochi are now less than two months away… is your station ready?

From preparing the medal winner graphics, to updating the music library for highlights; the clock is ticking down.

The Olympics are a unique event to cover, not just for the world class sports, they also present many pitfalls from a legal stand point.

“If there is a more dangerous word in all languages than the Olympics, we don’t know what it is.  For advertisers and marketers, the use of even the word is verboten.  It’s not the only loaded word,” writes FX Design Group on its blog. ” The IOC legislation gives examples of what may amount to association: specifically, the use of  ‘Games’ with each other or with any of the words ‘gold’, ‘silver’, ‘bronze’, ‘Sochi’, ‘medals’, ‘sponsor’ or ‘winter’.”

New Platforms & Methods

The Olympics have become one of the largest multiple platform events, the question is, how can you add new revenue to your coverage without stepping on any toes?

There are always local advertisers who want the illustrious rings in ads, but this opens stations up to liability. So, you have to look around for new ways to work in sponsorships.

A New Environment

One unique method to add new excitement to Olympic coverage is to change sets. For some stations, this can easily be done. For others, it could mean a large expense. Until now.



With the rise in virtual set design, new environments are as easy as a green screen.

“We have developed a stunning 3D Digital Set that is cost effective and easy for your station to implement into coverage.  It, in turn, helps the station showcase key advertisers, and you can use it in all the shows,” writes FX Design Group. “It is designed and ready, but we are not putting it out there for everyone to see.  We are looking for some stations who want to try something different and make the local audience know you are always on the cutting edge.”

Virtual sets allow dynamic changes in backgrounds, all at a reduced cost.

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FX Design Group is an advertiser on NewscastStudio and contributed content to this article.