Golf Channel swings, misses with new logo

Golf Channel will tee up a new logo in May 2014, during its coverage of THE PLAYERS Championship.

“The English word ‘golf’ is recognized around the world and nearly in every language. And with Golf Channel’s evolution over the past two decades from a cable television business to a global golf business, using the word ‘golf’ in our logo positions the business for further growth in the decades to come,” said Regina O’Brien, Golf Channel Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing. “The new logo and its custom font visually synchronizes Golf Channel’s ever-growing portfolio of businesses and creates brand consistency across all Golf Channel and NBC platforms that are rooted in golf.”

The new logo was designed by Troika, a powerhouse in the world of sports branding.

“That poor NBC peacock logo is going to be meaningless in twenty years, when everything associated with NBC is wearing it like a piece of jewelry,” writes Brand New. “Next thing you know the actual NBC channel will have to have a peacock next to the peacock to confirm its original use.”

The custom typography of the logo is interesting, but half baked at best. It also means the end of a long standing brand.

The iconic Golf Channel “G” has been in place since the network launched in 1995, by co-founders Arnold Palmer and Joe Gibbs. NBC Sports Group purchased the channel in 2011, slapping a peacock on the logo and graphics.

New graphics are also likely on the way. We’ll see in May 2014.