Worldnow launches Studio Gateway

Website platform Worldnow has announced its latest product, Studio Gateway, the first and only technology that lives inside of iNews and ENPS, creating the first bi-directional on/off TV to any screen or device.

Studio Gateway unifies the workflow between legacy studio systems and digital content management systems to seamlessly publish and distribute content to all digital platforms at once.

“Studio Gateway is a modular, scalable platform with task-focused interfaces,” said Joe Sticca, Worldnow’s chief digital officer, in a statement. He continued to say “It automates and unifies disparate workflows, reduces risk of collateral failure, and allows you to efficiently extend and amplify content from broadcast studios and newsrooms.”

The product, which is being launched now, has six main facets:

  1. Processing Hub: It is the central integration platform into all systems; content is routed through our media logistics platform.
  2. Routing: It does the thinking for you. It will process where the content is coming from (point of origin), map out its final destination and deliver it.
  3. Translation: Handles the translation of formats between acquisition and final destination.
  4. Audit Tracking: Tracks and confirms delivery of all content assets.
  5. Automation: Allows you to create multi-task rules that will automate steps in the content supply chain.
  6. Live Ad Insertion: Automates the scheduling, delivery and reporting of your ads to live streams.

Studio Gateway is the latest addition to Worldnow’s portfolio of media management platforms. Broadcast centric workflows serve to unify website and mobile management, IP video delivery and integrations with critical studio systems.  Worldnow provides publishers enterprise scalability to extend beyond the confines of a traditional CMS into full media management with modular publishing platforms.

Previews of Studio Gateway will be given at NAB by appointment only. To make an appointment, contact Craig Smith at 212-931-1200.