VideoHelper releases ‘Very Many Drama’

VideoHelper released disc 48 in its series of production music this week, titled “Very Many Drama.”

This disc includes a collection of “big, brash, attention-getting dramatic music that will do your fist-clenched speaking for you, loudly and clearly.”

Some of the key tracks include:

  • The impossibly busy, “attacked by a thousand bees” aural assault of RAID
  • The war-like blares of one pissed-off pachyderm in HELLEPHANTS
  • The cries and screams of a crowd turned drunken and belligerent in PROTEST NATION
  • The emotionally-scarred aftermath of conflict that is LOUDER LION
  • The even more bi-polar, “it’s-not-you-it’s-me-but-I’m-still-getting-a-restraining-order” feel of CRY.

Have a listen…