Q&A: Erector Sets creates sleek set for VIETV

Erector Sets recently completed a sleek design for VIETV, a Houston based Vietnamese-language channel. The set was created on a tight budget, but still packs a large impact.

Talk a little about the background of the project?

This set is full of lights, color and designed with a hyper modern and sleek aesthetic.

This project is a testament to our abilities to deliver to a client’s budget and needs. We were brought in as the designers to this project, while VIETV was able to keep their fabrication in-house.

What were the client’s specifications / needs?

Our clients at VIETV made it a point to request for their set to be multi-purpose and as versatile as possible.

With this direction we designed and engineered each set piece to be rolling and interchangeable with other set elements. We also integrated color changing lighting and monitors to be throughout the whole of the set, so they could change the tone of their set with ease.

What makes this set unique?

This set offers a sleek, modern design aesthetic, while offering a wide array of set options through versatility and interchangeability.

What challenges did the location present?

The fact that the build was handled out of state and with a shop that we had never worked with, provided an extra challenge to our design and engineering team. It turned out to be a fantastic collaboration, nonetheless.

What sets this apart from others in the market?

This set allows for the client to fully interchange and re-arrange their set to meet a variety of broadcasting needs. From the use of color changing lighting and monitors throughout the set to the modular elements themselves, we have given VIETV – Houston Texas a set they will never get bored with.


How has the viewer/station reaction been to the project?

Our clients at VIETV have stressed their pride in presenting this new set to their viewers.