From Our Inbox: ‘Nancy’ has done ‘noun’ paid work, has ‘passion’

Well, our new “From Our Inbox” feature that debuted last week was a big hit among you readers, so we’ll be continuing it.

Today’s message features a self-identified student — let’s call her Nancy (not the name she gave us) — who’s in search of a job:

Dear Officer,

This is “Nancy”, I am a international student in Broadcasting, MBA, Finance major, I was graduated last month. Right now I am living in San Francisco, I was joined in a lot of event and filming the events, also I interviewed a lot of senior business manager and CEO.  All of these things is no pay, some one thought it is stupid to do noun paid work, some one ask me why I spend money to do this volunteer filming and interviewing, i just told one word ” passion”. I have passion to be a professional newscaster or broadcaster, I into this field so much. The events filming and interviewing things totally is preparation for my future caster dream. I also have videos which made by myself, if you want take to me further, I’d like to send the videos to you.
Best Regards,
Remember, we post these completely unedited. Besides the obvious spelling and grammar errors that make us seriously question the writer’s ability to be an English language newscaster, we’re a bit nervous as to exactly what kind of videos Nancy wants to send us!