Raleigh station gets ‘smarter’ with image campaign

Raleigh’s WNCN-TV has debuted an image campaign centered around the word “smarter.”

The campaign’s multiple spots have a deliberate, casual pacing and feature a mix of handheld shots, time-lapse and stop motion captures and slower speed clips. While the slower and handheld scenes match the conversational narration and slower paced music, skillful editing and the use of the faster video  still make the spots feel active — if not urgent.

“This campaign emphasizes our mission to be community champions who empower smarter thinking,” Doug Hamilton, WNCN’s general manager, told TVNewsCheck.

The campaign’s narrative centers around the theme of “smarter” — with each spot focusing on a specific type of “smarter” while also promoting a different aspect of the station’s newscasts:

  • “Smarter” Listens: Emphasis on interactivity, social media and citizen journalism
  • “Smarter” Connects the Dots: Focuses on the station’s “Investigates” franchise
  • “Smarter” Rises to a Challenge: Incorporates the station’s sports coverage
  • “Smarter” is Prepared: Discusses weather coverage and alerts, including mobile weather info
  • “Smarter” Embraces Change: Spotlights mobile phone and tablet streaming and news stories

Each spot in the campaign features the narrator encouraging the viewer to “look here” but, notably, doesn’t include a reference to the “smarter” theme — instead opting to simply show an animated fullscreen graphic of the station’s logo that includes an “click” effect on the yellow arrow.

The campaign earned the station a Midsouth Emmy.

Watch the five spots below: