‘Lorraine’ tweaks look

ITV’s “Lorraine” tweaked its set and graphical look to coincide with the “This Morning” update.

The new show open features glossy footage of host Lorraine Kelly walking around a studio (though not her actual show studio). The overall effect is similar to the new “This Morning” opening, using lots of real life footage to with very little animation/overlay.

The show keeps a similar color palette, using a bright pinkish purple.

For the logo, a new emblem was designed, combing an L and a circle, these circle are then used throughout the graphics. Circles have been a large part of “Lorraine’s” look for many years, with multiple graphic packages using them as the predominant element.


Left: old logo, Right: new logo over circle graphics

Set wise, very little has changed, beside a few accent items that are “fresh for the season.”