LiveXpert updates multilayer character generator

LiveXpert has begun shipping a new version of its multilayer character generator LiveCG Broadcast.

The new version of the system provides video makers with even more tools to create and insert layered graphics in their live video productions and includes social media and app integration.

Key additional features include:

  • 24 new layers can be used as overlay on top of the current displayed graphics. Each of these layers can be displayed or removed independently. This feature eases clock, counters, scores or logos remaining on-air while changing the main graphic content.
  • Improved hardware configuration with i7 processor to get more power and ultra silent fan.
  • Consolidated export/import function to ease backup and transfer of medias and projects.
  • Connections to Skype, Line and email accounts.
  • Integrated free access to OpenWeatherMap to select and display weather information from over 250 000 cities in the world.

“The new version of LiveCG Broadcast comes at a time where video productions are more and more connected”, said Bruno Lesté, LiveXpert product manager in a statement, “more social platforms can be connected, including Skype, and Line. The video operator has even more options and freedom to create outstanding graphics, within a few mouse clicks.”

LiveCG Broadcast eases the creation and display of information in real-time during live production. LiveCG Broadcast works with any video mixer and supports NewTek IP protocol to connect with NewTek TriCaster and 3Play.