Canal Once upgrades studio lighting with Fluotec

Mexican television network Canal Once saw a key opportunity to improve lighting while also making its facilities more energy efficient.

The network’s studio was equipped with hundreds of inefficient incandescent lighting instruments.

The solution was working with Fluotec to convert its entire facility’s lighting configuration to LED and fluorescent.

By switching to these more energy efficient lighting fixtures, the station has seen as much as an 80 percent reduction in its upfront energy cost from just powering the lights.

Old lighting from studio

Old lighting from studio

Ancillary savings are realized from lower cooling costs, which also create a more comfortable environment for talent, while creating a set that’s still beautifully lit for HD broadcasting.


“Many people don’t realize the ecological disaster that comes with incandescent lighting, especially when you consider the more environmentally friendly alternatives,” said Jose Maria Noriega of Fluotec.


Continued ongoing improvement in fluorescent and LED fixtures also means that talent and sets can be still be artfully lit to enhance color, depth and crispness for HD and 4K broadcast production.