Vizrt adds efficient new Adobe workflows

At IBC 2016, Vizrt will demonstrate the latest integrations of the company’s graphics and asset management tools with the Adobe professional video applications.

The new workflows, which will be presented on the Vizrt botoh at the show, give editors and production teams a user friendly, collaborative graphics and video editing experience using a new generation of Vizrt panels within the Adobe tools.

Increased editing speed with Viz One

The Viz One panel is a simple tool for bringing content into Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud from any storage platform, providing editors with full access to media in Viz One. The panel allows users to quickly search and preview any type of content in Viz One before easily dragging it into the Adobe Premiere Pro CC editing environment.

The panel offers significantly faster turnaround time by integrating Adobe Media Encoder CC and storing media in Viz One during the render process. When used together with online editing workflows and SAN Storage in Viz Engine, the improved workflow provides customers with an extremely fast end-to-end solution for editing and playout.

New for IBC 2016, the Viz One panel automatically stages content when adding material to Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Users can monitor active media movement from the LTO archive and other locations to a central shared storage. Search in the panel has also been extended to support profiles which can automatically filter for rights clearance or particular media types. Automatically staging files locally saves time for editors and allows broadcasters to push content to air more efficiently

“The Viz One panel gives media companies with shared editing environments an easy-to-use, native interface for accessing content on their archive and central storage within Adobe Premiere Pro,” said Sue Skidmore, partner relations for professional video at Adobe, in a join statement issued by the companies. “Integrations with Viz One expand the toolset for our customers and make it easy for broadcasters to integrate the Adobe video tools into their infrastructure.”


Edit graphics anywhere with meta graphics

The same graphics that are used by editorial staff online and on-air can be created and edited at any point in the production pipeline thanks to a new Vizrt Graphics Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Editors can access the same selection of graphics templates as the journalist in the newsroom.

Using Vizrt’s meta graphics workflow – a non burnt-in workflow for adding graphics to a video timeline – editors can now store their graphics alongside newly edited video and save both to Viz One.

The graphics can then be edited at any time, right up until the point when they’re broadcast on-air or published online.