Russia’s Match TV uses Avid to boost engagement in sports coverage

Match TV (Матч ТВ) , the public sports broadcaster of Russia that launched in fall of 2015, relies on Avid solutions for its workflow.

Avid MediaCentral Platform and Avid Studio Suite are used for the creation of real-time graphics by the network, while Avid Invictus is used to enhance live sporting events.

“We broadcast coverage of many different sports and need to cover them all in a slick and relevant way to stand out from the competition,” said Dmitriy Granov, СЕО of Match TV. “With ever increasing competition for viewers, broadcasters must present highly engaging content to win and retain an audience.”

Avid Invictus uses sensor and image-based tracking to overlay graphics onto the playing field, including textures, clips and videos. Match TV pairs this with 3Designer and 3DPlay to create real-time 2D and 3D brand graphics for the content.

“The seamless integration between market leading Avid solutions within the Avid MediaCentral Platform enables sports broadcasters like Match TV to offer sophisticated and appealing programming across a wide range of sports,” said Ofir Benovici of Avid.