CNN moves to Washington rooftop for final days of campaign

CNN has erected a special temporary broadcasting location for the final days of the 2016 election cycle, borrowing the roof of the US Chamber of Commerce.

The unique vantage point from about four floors up provides unparalleled views of the White House and Washington Monument.

For the set design, CNN has brought in its traveling election set from Clickspring Design, featuring a desk capable of seating eight.


“Inside Politics,” “Wolf” and “The Lead with Jake Tapper” are using the set now, with “State of the Union” and “Anderson Cooper 360” to join shortly.

Along with its main D.C. studio, CNN also has a “Capitol view” studio that is often used as a flashcam location for interviews. With scaffolding currently wrapping the dome of the Capitol, this temporary setup provides for a better view and is more reflective of the race to the White House.