Tegna’s San Antonio CBS debuts new set design from Jack Morton PDG

KENS, CBS 5 San Antonio, became the latest Tegna station to debut the group’s unique set design that emphasizes flexibility.

Camera center, a 5×2 monitor array provides a large storytelling background behind the sets “guitar-pick” shaped anchor desk. LED RGB lightboxes wrap the main walls, allowing color gradients and unique combinations, designed for usage during different dayparts.

The set features a working weather center to the right of home base, with tracking plexiglass panels separating the work area from a standing-height pod.

A floating header connects the anchor and weather area with another monitor wall on the far right.

The left half of the studio includes a multipurpose venue, designed for interviews and standups, with multiple single monitors and more gradient lightboxes.

Directly in front of the anchor desk, another area utilizes a touchscreen display and is intended for sports.


The set was designed by Jack Morton PDG’s Joe Lamberta, with sister stations KUSA, KING, KHOU and WHAS also debuting similar versions.