wTVision and ATEME test cloud based playout solution

wTVision, in partnership with ATEME, recently demonstrated a fully hosted cloud playout system, based on Amazon Web Services. Dubbed ChannelMaker-in-the-Cloud, the solution is based on wTVision’s latest playout automation solution and could potentially open up new possibilities for broadcasters, according to the company.

“This cloud-based solution is the next step in the broadcasters’ ability to offload technical complexity. They can now do away with high investment architectures and shift to a proven platform, that is hosted in a highly available and highly reliable infrastructure, creating a cloud extension to existing business or start off on the right foot with a focus on content,” said Alex Fraser, CTO and founding partner of wTVision.

The setup takes a live contribution from local facilities, encodes it with ATEME’s KYRION CM5000 and streams the content, as a live input source, to ChannelMaker-in-the-Cloud, which is entirely hosted in Amazon Web Services.

ChannelMaker sequences and plays out clips previously uploaded to Amazon Simple Storage Service, mixing them with graphic overlays and encoding everything to an output stream that is sent to a channel distribution center and decoded via the ATEME’s KYRION DR5000 where it follows a traditional path towards distribution.

The successful tests showcased the power of wTVision’s mixed environment tools where local station media can be automatically detected by wTVision’s Media Agent and uploaded to Amazon without user intervention, making it immediately available for sequencing.

A cloud version of wTVision Media Manager, that allows the sequencing of media that may still not be available in the cloud but is present at a local facility, is also part of the setup. When this happens, ChannelMaker-in-the-Cloud automatically requests missing media and locally installed media agents will transfer the required clips in time for playout. wTVision is focused on transitioning traditional workflows to the cloud in a painless process.

This new system was first tested in December and will officially debut at the 2017 NAB Show in April.