Artel Video Systems partners with Ravenna

Artel Video Systems, a provider of realtime multimedia delivery solutions, has entered into a partnership with Ravenna.

As the number of AES67-enabled devices continues to grow, switches and other network infrastructure equipment are required to fully integrate into audio-over-IP environments. Ravenna provides the necessary flexibility to quickly adapt to specific project needs, as well as superior performance when it comes to high channel counts and low-latency signal distribution.

“We are excited about joining the Ravenna community. The Ravenna technology platform is an excellent example of a real-time media IP network environment for which the ARG Quarra PTP switches have been specifically designed,” said Rafael Fonseca, vice president of product management at Artel in a statement. “In support of other AES67 devices, the ARG Quarra offers switch solutions to end users who are investing in IP media networks and who favor Ravenna technology for implementing AES67.”

“We are gratified to note Artel’s support of theRavenna technology platform. Artel’s ARG Quarra is an outstanding example of providing all the right ingredients for improved Ravenna performance, with easy configuration accessibility,” added Andreas Hildebrand, Ravenna technology evangelist at ALC NetworX, the company behind Ravenna. “The ARG Quarra aligns perfectly with Ravenna’s network requirements and supports customers’ demands for flexibility of standard IT networks on the transport layer. Its embedded PTP support provides the fundamental basis for utmost timing precision, which translates into superior media clock regeneration at the Ravenna end nodes.”