Tedial to bring AI to sports production at NAB Show

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Tedial, an independent media asset management technology solutions specialist, has revealed plans to introduce Smart Live at NAB 2018, a comprehensive live event support tool and a major breakthrough in sports production.

Smartlive leverages artificial intelligence tools to increase the number of highlights created automatically, thus reducing production costs and boosting revenues for production companies. Demonstrations will be held in Booth N 1420.

Before any action, Smart Live ingests a data feed and automatically creates an event inside its metadata engine.

Simultaneously Smart Live automatically creates the corresponding log sheets, the player grids and a schedule of the event. All these preparations are linked and organized by collections, so an entire season of sports events can be prepared automatically in advance.

During events, live data is ingested, and the system can be configured to automatically create clips based on actions, keywords or logged occurrences.

Smart Live automatically pushes content to AI engines; video and audio recognition can be leveraged to generate additional locator data and annotate the media proxies, and the system can automatically publish clips or push content to social media platforms.

Smart Live is agnostic to any sports or data providers. Its powerful metadata engine can be easily configured to create an automatic metadata ingest process addressing the more demanding and the more complex sport workflows. The system dramatically increases the utility of the MAM GUI interface, bringing the MAM much closer to live production than ever before.

The system is 100 per cent compatible with PAM providers such as SAM or EVS, which makes it the perfect tool to orchestrate all business processes on top of an existing PAM.


It can then manage the media life-cycle or media movements between different sites, thanks to Tedial’s AST storage management system, or simply manage historical sport archives.

At NAB 2018 Tedial will demonstrate Smart Live’s automatic highlight creation feature, its integration with AI engines, speech to text integration annotating incoming live media and the automated publish feature with Tellyo, provider of a cloud-based video production, editing, streaming and distribution platform, and a Tedial technology partner.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring broadcasters, rights holders, clubs, federations or any organization involved in live production a ground-breaking paradigm that will dramatically transform the way they automate clips and deliver content across numerous platforms, including Social Media. By tightly integrating with AI tools, Smart Live can generate an increased number of highlights during or after an event, and deliver to a very targeted audience increasing the potential for significant growth in fan engagement,” said Jerome Wauthoz, VP of products for Tedial, in a statement.

At NAB 2018, Tedial will also be highlighting its Hyper IMF, the industry’s leading end-to-end IMF workflow leveraging IMF methodologies to save users up to 25 percent — or more — in storage and versioning costs.

Hyper IMF is a true IMF solution that supports IMP and supplemental file ingests and creation of unique CPLs for archive, versioning and delivery. This complete solution can leverage IMF markers for soft-parting and pre-mid-post roll insertions.


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