Zero Density showcasing future of virtual production at NAB Show

Zero Density will showcase live demonstrations of its Unreal Engine platform in booth SL3824 at the 2018 NAB Show.

Unreal Engine 4.19 includes support for a wide range of in-demand features, including:

  • Video wall support with portal window functionality, also known as tracked video walls 
  • Dynamic green screen lighting to synchronizes virtual lights with physical lights 
  • Full HDR rendering pipeline
  • Realtime visual effects with node based compositing platform
  • Rendering multiple 3D passes such as shadow, ambient occlusion, reflections, bloom and lens flares and compositing these passes over the incoming video image
  • Multi-format video I/O
  • Lens undistortion and distortion
  • Control API for external data ingest
  • Realtime screen space reflections and refractions
  • New NVidia Quadro support for GPUDirect Video I/O