MRMC and ChyronHego team up to improve camera, player tracking

Mark Roberts Motion Control Limited, a Nikon Group company, is partnering with ChyronHego to bring together two camera tracking technologies in one offering.

This collaboration will bring together ChyronHego’s optical sports tracking system TRACAB, which identifies and follows players on the field and provides instant live game-play metrics, and MRMC’s Polycam System, which enables real-time synchronized movement of multiple robotic cameras.

“We’re proud that TRACAB has become the global leader in camera-based player- and ball-tracking systems, installed in more than 300 stadiums and capturing live tracking data for more than 4,500 games every year,” said Sören Kjellin, CTO, ChyronHego. “By bringing together these exciting technologies from two industry-leading brands, our partnership with MRMC is the latest example of how data-driven, innovative solutions are accelerating professional sports teams, leagues, and broadcasters around the world.”

The combination will lead to the development of new products as well as tracking solutions that use artificial intelligence, a release notes.

The partnership will focus on automated robotic camera tracking systems.