‘Nightly’ sets up kicker rotation with filmstrip inspired motif

Monday’s “Inspiring America” focuses on upbeat stories with positive messages from around the country.

“Inspiring America” uses the blocks of the frames to form red and white stripes thanks to color overlays and rough, hand drawn lines.

Smaller blue boxes and a hand-drawn stars, one of which is also included in the middle of the final “A” in the title, complete the American flag look.

The vantage point for this look is a slight off axis angle. 

Tucked in above the logotype is the word “Nightly” borrowed from the show’s logotype — a common element used in each segment’s branding. 

“Inspiring America” even has a “named sponsor” — Claritin — which receives a taped bumper shot in the “Nightly” studio just before Holt appears on camera.


Kicker segments such as the ones “Nightly” is using are prime opportunities for sponsors — since advertisers are typically happy to have their brand associated with positive stories rather than the run of the mill rolling news coverage that can range from war, accidents and political infighting.