FirstCom expands documentary music collection with Nova library

Working with composer Neil Pollard, FirstCom Music has added a new library focused on modern documentary and drama tracks.

The boutique library, known as Nova, features a variety of albums from stripped-back, minimal underscores to intimate, panoramic post-rock Scandi Noir. 

The collection is available exclusively through FirstCom Music in the United States with Universal Production Music handling licensing in most of Europe. 

“Fractals,” the first album in the library, features hybrid underscores that mixes digital and acoustic elements like the track “Cities,” which includes tension drones intersecting with stomps and a driving techno-beat.

Album “Electronik” mixes analog synth with drones and percussion, such as in building track “Turbulence.”

Pollard has been apart of Universal Music Group, FirstCom’s parent organization, for over 25 years with his cues appearing in major movie trailers and commercial campaigns.

David Goldsmith, Pete Marett and Pete Lambrou also contribute to the library. 


The initial release includes six albums which can be auditioned here.