‘Nightly’ boldly goes where other networks don’t with ‘Space Force’ coverage

NBC Nightly News” went far out in its coverage of Donald Trump’s announcement of plans for a national “Space Force.”

The package, which was reported by Chief White House Correspondent Hallie Jackson, was introduced by anchor Lester Holt with a “Countdown to Space Force” OTS and a reference to countdowns in the script.

“There are still some obstacles before liftoff,” Holt noted before the packaged rolled.

Right off the launchpad, the package included footage from “Star Trek,” including the show’s iconic “Space: the final frontier” voiceover.

“It may be the final frontier in ‘Star Trek’…” started Jackson.

To spotlight key facts and figures, “Nightly” turned to space themed arcade games — with eight-bit style graphics inspired by “Space Invaders” and any number of other similar games, complete with a small rocket ship icon perched just above the lower third that “shoots” at the text above — causing it to “shatter.”

The short animated sequence even included a title card reading “Space Force 2020” and “Press start” below.


Next up, Jackson’s package showcased Trumps “Space Force all the way!” tweet inside a silvery box “floating” with ethereal edges above a space scene — before pulling back through a spaceship docking bay to showcase the logo designs Trump asked supporters to vote on.

Each logo appeared on screen with a greenish glowing effect.