‘Jeopardy!’ pays tribute to iconic elements, topics in 35th anniversary graphics

Quiz show “Jeopardy!” kicked off its 35th anniversary season with a new graphics package and key art.

The show typically gets a new look every year — and this year’s draws on the past three years’ concept of using imagery that illustrates the broad range of subjects covered by the show.

Like the past two years’ versions, the 2018-2019 season opens feature 3D models in place of photography — though more emphasis is placed on the elements’ position in a large open 3D space on raised, diamond risers — almost as if it is a virtual “museum” of the vast knowledge needed to compete on the show.

However, ringing the space, in between pillars inspired by the set, are floating category screens featuring some of the show’s most famous — and infamous — topics ranging from “Those Darn Etruscans,” to “The Dreaded Opera Category” to “Potent Potables” and,  of course, “Potpourri,” as well as some generic ones mixed in for good measure.

Hidden gems also includes the show’s iconic theme music — in sheet music form — on the “floor” and a homage to host Alex Trebek’s mustache.