Morning shows take different routes for Megyn Kelly coverage

The network morning shows all covered reports that Megyn Kelly is in negotiations to exit NBC News the morning of Friday, Oct. 26, 2018 — including the network’s own “Today Show.”

NBC News‘ morning newscast did not mention the story in its teases, unlike CBS and ABC, but did cover it with an in-studio debrief and full package from Morgan Radford at the start of its 7:30 a.m. eastern block.

Interestingly, Radford cited anonymous sources at her own network as the basis of her story — revealing just how tight lipped NBC is being about Kelly’s future.

CBS This Morning‘ included a mention of the story in its ‘EyeOpener’ segment and covered the story in full about 13 minutes into the broadcast. Like NBC, CBS’s reporting was largely attributed to anonymous sources. 

Good Morning America‘ covered the story around the same as NBC. ABC’s reporting also used anonymous sourcing.