SMPTE launches webcast series focused on the fundamentals

SMPTE, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, announced the launch of a new series of online videos aimed at content creators.

The new Essential Technology Concepts Webcast Series covers the foundational concepts, technologies, and workflows associated with the creation of professional media content

The first video goes live Feb. 7 and is titled “Human Perception Fundamentals: Color, Contrast, and Motion” with guest speaker David Long, director of the RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction & Creativity (MAGIC) and MAGIC Spell Studios.

“The SMPTE Essential Technology Concepts Webcast Series is a great educational opportunity for both early and mid-career professionals who want to develop their technical knowledge base,” said SMPTE Director of Education Joel Welch. “Whether attendees are filling gaps in their early education, rounding out existing knowledge and skills they gained organically, or complementing technical training associated with specific job responsibilities, they will find these new webcasts a great way to refresh or broaden their understanding of critical technologies and techniques.”

SMPTE’s Essential Technology Concepts Webcast Series will cover topics such as human perception, imaging physics, the fundamentals of color science, sound systems, and more. Hosted in a convenient, interactive setting available to attendees across the globe, the full series of webcasts will provide opportunities to learn about M&E technology fundamentals and to discuss critical topics and questions with subject matter experts.

“Addressing the industry’s need for ongoing education, particularly on technical topics useful to newer professionals in the field, the SMPTE Essential Technology Concepts Webcast Series is a timely complement to our popular Technology and Standards Webcast Series,” said SMPTE Education Vice President Sara Kudrle, who is also the product marketing manager at Imagine Communications. “Together, these expansive educational offerings deliver insights and critical understanding of the technologies at the core of the industry — and help to advance the careers of professionals working within it.”