Your guide to NAB Show 2019’s industry-specific pavilions

Broadcasters and multimedia geniuses make the world the entertaining place that it is. Without the continuously innovative technologies that go into creating entertainment, the world would be a dull place.

To keep up with the expanding technologies and capabilities in this field, annual interaction and discussion is key. The NAB Show presides as the industry standard for networking events. Every year, this show offers a plethora of new ideas, experiences, and innovations that keep the industry up to date.

This year, the NAB Show is returning to Las Vegas, from April 6th to April 11th. In addition to the staples of the industry, there are plenty of unique attractions that highlight the event’s specialties.  The 2019 show promises to have some of the best of these unique attractions to date. So, mark your calendars and get your name on the list; because you are not going to want to miss these industry-specific 2019 NAB Show Attractions:

Advanced Advertising Pavilion

The Advanced Advertising Pavilion is a place where advertisers can learn how to take their creations to the masses. Learn secrets from leading companies. Develop the latest skills, tactics, and technologies. Realize the potential that your company possesses to reach your audience. This is not simply preaching about SEO and obscure advertising objectives. The Advanced Advertising Pavilion is a treasure-trove of actionable insights and a better understanding of how successful advertising is accomplished.

Featured Topics:

  • Advertising (Brands, Agencies, Buyers)
  • Brand Building
  • Branded Content
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Advertising Strategies
  • Evolving AdTech and MarTech
  • Self-Serve Advancements

Session Highlights:

  • Making Streaming Advertising Work on the Web: The Need for Standards.
  • In Millions of Hours of Video Content, Where is the Money?
  • The Future of Advertising: New Reality for TV Publishers
  • Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will: Business Agility In The Shift To Digital Ad Revenue.
  • Inside the Podcast Ad Space
  • The Challenges and Innovations of SSAI in a Fragmented Landscape

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Innovation Pipeline

The Innovation Pipeline is part of a three-tier Pavilion that is dedicated to the newest technologies. This pavilion offers a never-before-seen experience at every booth. From conception to prototype, this area is ripe with novel ideas that are working toward shaping the future. The presenters in this pavilion are excited to find connections and partnerships, making it a potentially life-changing experience for all.

Location: North Hall

Session Highlights:

  • Futures Park: Showcasing advanced products.
  • StartUp Loft: A place where startups can get their footing.
  • Sprokit: Helping startups network with Fortune 500 companies.
  • Innovation Pipeline Theater: Panel discussions from accredited innovators.

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AI+Cloud Campus

This pavilion is dedicated to helping the broadcasting industry move forward together. By using the current advancements in AI and cloud technologies, the industry can work together to revolutionize the needs of the future. Sharing ideas, inspirations and excitement for AI and Cloud technology will help bolster discussion and creation beyond the pavilion. It is the broadcaster’s job to know what the public wants before they know to ask. The discussions that take place here help facilitate that progression and understanding.

Featured Topics:

  • AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Voice-Activation
  • Augmented Cognition
  • Digital Twins
  • Advanced Simulations
  • Volumetric Capture
  • Neural Engine and Predictive Technologies
  • The Content Cloud
  • Edge Technologies
  • Financing: Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Benefits of Multi-Cloud Strategies
  • Disaster Recovery and Storage

Session Highlights:

  • Transforming Television with Artificial Intelligence
  • AI is NOT Technology. It’s Strategy.
  • Al Transforming Media: A Case Study
  • Al-powered Character Animation
  • Collaboration Station: Market Leaders Unite for Breakthrough Newsroom in the Cloud
  • Al-powered Character Animation
  • Realizing the Promise of AI: Our Experience with 3 Different Vendors

More about the AI+Cloud Campus

2019 NAB Show product news, updates, launches, and more

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International Pavilions

Globalization has made the world a much smaller place. Between the ability to connect with anyone in the world and the rise of startups, international collaboration is common. However, to be able to work together, we have to get to know each other. You can do that at the International Pavilions.  

Participating Country Pavilions:

  • Bavarian Pavilion
  • Beijing Pavilion
  • Belgium Pavilion
  • Brazil Pavilion
  • French Pavilion
  • Great Britain Pavilion
  • KOTRA (South Korea)

More about the International Pavilions

Connected Media IP

Connected Media IP is the pavilion that introduces viewers to a digital landscape of education and innovation. This multiscreen viewing experience expands the viewer’s field of vision both physically and through thought-provoking exhibits. Here are just a few of the session highlights that will be screened for the audience’s edification:

Session Highlights:

  • Cisco Keynote: Adopting IP/IT in the Media Supply Chain.
  • Niche Finds its Niche: The D2C Direct-to-Consumer Revolution
  • Maintaining EAS in an OTT World
  • How Comcast, CBSi and YouTube Acquire Loyal Customers
  • Live TV in Global OTT Platforms

More about the Connected Media Pavilion

IP Showcase

IP is infiltrating all the broadcasting industry-specific destinations. From the CEO to the on-air talent and everyone in-between, benefiting from IP is becoming essential. That is why this pavilion was created, to help make the switch to IP easier. Professionals throughout the IP sphere will be available to direct visitors, answer questions, and offer solutions to specific business questions.

  • Location: Central Hall

More about the IP Showcase

Destination 5G

5G cellphone technology has become a long-awaited accomplishment. Theorized for many years and talked about throughout its development, many wondered if the capabilities were purely theoretical. But now, 5G technology is a reality and it promises to change the digital world as we know it. This pavilion is filled with experts who are dedicated to making that transition simple and exciting.

Featured Topics:

  • Edge Computing and Cloud Computing
  • Mobile AR/VR and Immersive Content
  • Technology Predictions and Media Industry Applications
  • Infrastructure
  • Content Transfer
  • Satellite

Session Highlights:

  • 5G and Media: A Powerful, Unique Combination to Create and Deliver Immersive Experiences
  • Understanding & Planning for 5G, ATSC 3.0 & the Hyper Convergence: End of an Era or Dawn of the Digital Media Super Competitor?
  • Beyond Frenemies: New Relationships in a 5G

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Podcasting Pavilion

Listen up! The Podcasting Pavilion is a sensational journey into the world of podcasting. Whether you have a successful podcast, or you are a podcaster novice with questions, this is the place to be. There will be a special “Ask the Expert” area of this pavilion that is powered by Podcast Engineering School. However, there will also be plenty of people, just like you, who are there to learn and share their passion.

  • Location: Central Hall

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eSports Experience

eSports has become so much more than AV Sports. eSports has morphed into a passion, a culture, and a growing entity. There are people who build their entire careers around it and those who dedicate their passion to it. With that in mind, this pavilion is sure to be filled with excitement for eSports enthusiasts.


  • Fan Engagement
  • Collegiate eSports
  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
  • Opportunities for Brands
  • AR/VR
  • Content Licensing & Media Rights
  • Future of Betting in eSports
  • eSports Venues
  • Streaming


  • Reality Sharing Platforms
  • Collective VR Environments
  • Live Design
  • Immersive Gaming
  • Viewing & Streaming Platforms
  • Co-creation Strategies
  • AI-Driven Game Narratives

Session Highlights

  • Game On: How 5G and eSports will Radically Change the Playing Field for Service Providers
  • Before the Games Begin: A Behind-the-Screens Look at Building Amazing eSports Infrastructure
  • Level-Up: How Video Gaming is Driving the Future of TV
  • Introduction of the Day: eSports Today, an Evolution
  • Beyond IP: Securing and Streaming Your Content

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Facebook Live Video Solutions Pavilion

Facebook Live is a growing platform that is being routinely utilized throughout many industries. The broadcast industry is especially benefiting from Facebook Live. Therefore, this pavilion is helping broadcasters discover the full range of potential that this technology has to offer.

  • Location: South Hall, Upper Lobby

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In-Vehicle Experience

People are using their vehicles as more than simply a mode of transportation more and more. Thanks to technology, our cars are becoming more connection-compatible. The more compatible cars become, the easier the more convenient they become. Yet, to take advantage of that convenience, people need to know how to use it. That is why the In-Vehicle Experience pavilion is pivotal to providing an innovative look at the advances of cars.

Featured Topics:

  • Connected Car
  • Media Display & Consumer Technology
  • Voice-Activation
  • Audio Design
  • Peripherals & Navigation
  • ATSC 3.0
  • HD Radio

Session Highlights:

  • Mobility Stories for the Passenger Economy of Today and Tomorrow: A Panel Discussion with Waze and Broadcasters
  • Broadcast and IP in the Car – How Will These Converge?
  • Today’s In-Car Digital Radio Experience
  • e Personalized Future of In-Vehicle Entertainment

Learn about the In-Vehicle Pavilion

For more information about the events and parties going on throughout the NAB Show, visit the NAB Show website.