See Panasonic’s upcoming new broadcast switcher platform at NAB Show

Panasonic System Solutions has announced the development of a new live broadcast switcher platform concept.

This modular system has been dubbed Live Production Suite and offers the flexibility and scalability to construct a system according to users’ evolving needs.

The LPS hardware is compatible with HD and 4K resolution utilizing both 12G SDI and 25G E IP (ST2110 compliant) transport, and is scalable in terms of capacity, resolution and M/E.

The first configured switcher systems are scheduled to launch October 2019.

Media over IP creates the possibility of distributing production over several sites, which promises to bring about innovative and cost-effective distributed infrastructure, breaking the production free of the constraints of either locating an entire production at the broadcast facility or requiring a full remote production system on-site utilizing outside broadcast trucks.

LPS builds on that flexibility, allowing the switcher fabric itself to be distributed, such as locating switching gateways at a venue with the cameras and others at a broadcast facility in an engineering room.

Designed with the future in mind, LPS offers 4K and even 8K resolution and high bit-rate data transmission capabilities in MoIP.

On the other hand, while SDI transport remains the dominant HD broadcasting systems, LPS presents an operation that can migrate to IP transmission gradually while using SDI equipment as required.


The newly developed LPS modules each center around the core functions of a broadcast switcher, namely: the Gateway (input and output), cross-point, M/E and System Manager.

These units are combined to construct the switcher to the needed scale. There are two types of Gateway units – IP and SDI – and combining them, a hybrid IP/SDI input and output system can be created to satisfy changing user environments and needs.

Panasonic believes that MoIP is a solution that will ultimately make the operation of a broadcasting station more efficient and enhance production value, and has been actively promoting it.

By developing high-end broadcasting equipment that is compatible with IP transmission and even 4K and 8K images, Panasonic continues to encourage the evolution and growth of the broadcasting industry.

An initial system deployment and early component modules will be exhibited at the NAB Show.