How Facebook’s new logo design affects broadcasters

Facebook has a new logo and color palette — and that means that broadcasters will likely need to make multiple updates across multiple platforms.

Along with the changes, Facebook released an updated brand standards website that features downloadable logo assets as well as a PDF version of its identity guidelines.

While these guidelines aren’t “required” — following Facebook’s provided standards as much as possible can bring benefits to your branding since it creates consistent looks that users will become familiar with as the new look rolls out more widely.

Of course, there will be a transition period when a mix of the old and new looks will be used, but it’s always worth updating as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, here is a list of guidelines aimed at TV stations and TV graphic designers based on the Facebook brand guidelines.  

First, and foremost, Facebook’s social media platform’s new official logo is the “f” logo in a circle.

What this means:

  • Any place you display the Facebook icon (or full logotype) should likely be updated with the new logo.
  • This includes, according to Facebook’s brand standards, any use of the “f” alone or the old version of the “f” inside of a square with rounded corners.
  • (Facebook also updated its iOS app icon May 8, but it still appears as a square with rounded corners as of this writing.)
  • Note that Facebook’s brand standards specifically say that the “f” should not be used alone either in its customized version of Freight Sans Pro or any other typeface. 
  • Facebook also updated the color of blue used in its service logo, but still allows for solid black or white when the color is not feasible or desirable. 

Places TV stations may need to update the logo and colors:

  • End credits
  • Closing screens with social media icons
  • On-set graphics with the Facebook logo
  • Lower third graphics or tickers that mention social media profiles
  • Websites and apps
  • Share buttons (including any backgrounds that use the old shade)
  • Business cards or other printed materials