How Facebook’s new logo design affects broadcasters

Facebook’s brand standards also list preferred ways of “talking” about Facebook.

What this means:

  • “Find us on Facebook,” “Like us on Facebook,” “Visit us on Facebook,” “Visit our Facebook page,” “Check in on Facebook,” “Tag us on Facebook” and “Become a fan on Facebook” are all acceptable ways to encourage users to connect with you on Facebook.
  • However, Facebook specifically advises against using the phrase “Facebook us” and, notably, “Follow us on Facebook.” (“Follow” is Twitter terminology).
  • Facebook also has a “badge” and lockup available to use that uses the phrase “Find us on Facebook.”

Facebook also permits brands to use the Facebook icon followed by the Facebook page name, as shown above. Note, however, that there is no use of the icon as a domain name (with “.com” on the end) or a slash to imply a URL path. To match the Facebook look, you can use the font Freight Sans Pro.


Places TV stations may need to update the wording:

  • Scripts (including any templates)
  • End credits
  • Closing screens with social media icons
  • On-set graphics that encourage users to find you on Facebook
  • Lower third graphics or tickers that mention social media profiles
  • Websites and apps
  • Share buttons
  • Business cards or other printed materials

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