Australia’s 7 News uses large-scale AR to tell story of federal election

Coverage from 7 News in Australia of the 2019 federal election on May 18, 2019, included a variety of augmented reality elements digitally projected above the nation’s parliament building in Canberra.

The team at Girraphic handled the design and integration for 7 New’s coverage with a fully motion-tracked jib camera on location to provide sweeping shots for the augmented overlays.

Along with showcasing real-time data from election returns including charts and graphs, the elements also included projections and the all-important race to 76 seats for control of Australia’s Parliament.

United States networks, like Fox News and NBC News, have utilized similar augmented reality setups for previous elections, with Girraphic’s help as well. 

In the studio, 7 News used a large LED video wall to show a digital set extension of the interior of the nation’s Parliament House building with a large desk placed in front.

Normally the home of “Sunrise,” the studio’s other areas was also updated with election-themed lighting cues and backlighting.