Weather Channel creates sponsored AR segment with hurricane tips ahead of Dorian

The Weather Channel aired a handful of hurricane safety tips in a “countdown” style immersive mixed reality segment that included a not-so-subtle nod to a sponsor.

Hosted by Stephanie Abrams, the segment featured her standing on a round disc ringed with “light up” segments that represented the time left before the storm strike.

The dais, meanwhile, was placed in front of a 3D virtual model of a home — complete with pink flamingos and, of course, a large TV tuned to The Weather Channel visible through the picture window.

Abrams emphasized the importance of creating an emergency evacuation kit — and specifically called out making sure to pack important insurance papers sealed in plastic.

The segment then zoomed into the window, where, in an “Inception”-like moment, the TV showed footage from the network’s “Lab” weather center set featuring multiple State Farm Insurance logos on the virtual screen within a screen.

The view then returned, as the lighted segments ringing Abram’s platform continued to go dark, with the storm rolling in — and a helpful reminder to remove items, including those flamingos, from the yard.