Black News Channel chooses Brightline for LED lighting fixtures

The new studios of the Black News Channel in Tallahassee feature lighting fixtures from Brightline with lighting design by Bill Holshevnikoff.

The network, which launched in February, serves the African American community and is available on a variety of cable and streaming providers.

In the main news studio, which was designed by Devlin Design Group, Brightline’s L1.2 and L1.4 SeriesONE LED soft light fixtures illuminate the set.

“They wanted a very colorful, RGB-driven set,” notes Holshevnikoff. “When that happens, you’ve got to keep all your lighting for talent off the RGB elements or the color won’t pop. You really have to work hard to control that spill light. Brightline has great control options on their fixtures, so you can make sure you’re not spilling light on the RGB elements and spoiling the color.”

“Instead of a weather wall, everyone has gone to big LED video walls,” he said. “News directors love movement, and now there’s a lot more talent movement, so we have to light for more movements and multiple locations.”

The network’s secondary studio, which houses a large green screen cyc, includes 20 L1.2 and L1.4 fixtures while the newsroom work area includes Flex-T LED lights.