Ross launches version 10 of XPression graphics platform

Ross Video has launched the latest iteration of its real-time graphics platform, XPression.

V10 includes a rewritten, multi-threaded video codec to support emerging broadcasting formats including UHD, HDR and Wide Color Gamut. Ross notes the new software codec adds support for ten-bit. video files and is backward compatible with older XPression assets.

Ahead of the elections, Ross has also created an XPression election add-on, branded as XPression Elect-It! The election graphics solution will drive tickers, full-screen graphics and results lower-thirds. Using a web-based interface, non-design staff will be able to build and edit rundowns and graphics.

Election data feeds from Decision Desk HQ and Associated Press can be integrated into ELect-It!.

XPression Remote Sequencer has also been updated to enhance workflows around rundowns, MOS objects and takes, with XPression Gateway seeing some updates for non-MOS users. The new Gateway will be available as a software/hardware bundle with the XPression Sequencer Gateway software, XPression Offline Render Engine software and the XPression Gateway hardware.

To enable cross-platform workflows, Ross will also launch a new HTML5 MOS plugin to integrate with XPression Clips, UX and Maps.

XPression V10 formally ships in July 2020.