Gothic Storm catalogs now available from Warner Chappell Production Music

Warner Chappell Production Music is now representing a variety of music catalogs from Gothic Storm.

The Library of the Human Soul and Songcraft are now available for license from Warner Chappell with catalogs Future Pop and Minim coming soon. In select markets outside of the United States, Gothic Storm’s self-titled catalog of epic trailer music will also be available.

The Library of the Human Soul is a uniquely structured collection of 74 albums, each representing a specific emotion. All music features strings recorded in Vienna, all in the key of G and 120 BPM. With 3 variations per cue — Cinematic, Intimate and Modern — the collection offers flexibility to create a timeless score with an emotional foundation, Warner Chappell notes.

Songcraft currently includes nine albums representing niche songs spanning a variety of vocal styles.